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Refer to Ty’n Rodyn

To make a referral, or discuss what we can offer in more detail, please contact Ty'n Rodyn on 01248 370 762.

Alternatively, you can contact CAIS Admissions Manager Sarah Patten by calling 07795 320 167, or emailing



Ty’n Rodyn is able to admit service users who meet the following criteria:

  • suffer primarily from substance misuse, issues related to alcohol or dependency problems
  • have completed detoxification from drugs or alcohol
  • able to self administer all prescribed medication during their placement, in compliance with the medication policy
  • service users will not be permitted prescribed controlled drugs and clients will not be permitted to be prescribed medication for insomnia
  • motivated to achieve their personal aims and goals through Ty’n Rodyn’s rehabilitation process
  • are prepared to abide by our rules and expectations
  • confirmation of funding is in place, for the whole or part of the treatment

Based on our eligibility criteria, we would not be able to offer the following service to the following service users who are identified as being in need of medical/mental health services considered to be beyond the capacity of our service provision:

  • service users with acute psychiatric morbidity or on sections of the Mental Health Act.
  • service users with serious physical morbidity
  • service users who have high risk of violence
  • service users cannot be bailed to Ty’n Rodyn


Referral Policy

We will admit adults over the age of 18 who have a background of substance misuse problems but who are now motivated to maintain an alcohol or drug-free life.

Ty’n Rodyn may accept people on prescribed medication in compliance with the home's medication policy and the resident's agreed rehabilitation plan.

We expect new residents to be free from the influence of alcohol and illegal drugs on admission, but do not specify a particular period of abstinence prior to admission.


Length of Stay

Service users length of stay will be agreed in their care plan in collaboration with the client, the client’s case manager and funding authority.

The length of stay is reviewed regularly and is recommended between three to six months.